One Humanity One World Conference Targets Global Peace Through Education

August 31 19:13 2021

One Humanity One World (OHOW) is a Global Social Movement created by Andrea Wen, born of a searching question put forth by Dr. Dawer Nadi, former Afghan Presidential candidate and founder of the United Nations (UN) Non-Governmental Organization (NGO): Afghanistan Peace Association (APA). During the launch conference of OHOW in 2020, he asked the assembled panelist of World Speakers to explain why schools and educational institutes around the world teach the fundamental courses of languages and mathematics, but do not educate about peace; so that all students in principle should be able to read, write, count, and learn how to love humanity. From that simplest, yet most damning question, OHOW and its umbrella organization Our Collective (founded by Dr. Leong Ying) created a global education curriculum to fill this gaping knowledge hole with instructional and teaching materials inspired by many learned international scholars and educators. The latest OHOW conference series Humanity for Peace, revisited this important topic to find out the progress since that challenging question by Dr. Nadi.

Poster of OHOW Conference on Humanity for Peace

For this peace summit, the invited speakers included educators that contributed their knowledge and expertise in compiling the OHOW global education curriculum, under the masterful guidance of its creator: Andrea Wen. Due to the current crisis in Afghanistan, Dr. Nadi was unable to attend the conference, and his message of continued peace and hope to the world was delivered on his behalf by his close friend and humanitarian colleague: Dr. Ying.

World Speakers on OHOW Humanity for Peace conference

As conference host, Andrea delivered a dynamic presentation on her OHOW education curriculum, that included valuable contributions from the rest of the World Speakers and their affiliated worldwide organizations, including: Michiko Hayashi (Emoto Peace Project), David Karlsson (Knowledge Book), Willie Johnson (Point MMA), Nogol Andishehjoo (One Education One World), and international educators: Lirzy Uriel and Jelena Simic. Along with delivering the message from Dr. Nadi, the cohost: Leong also gave his own powerful deliverance on why the rest of the world should support this righteous campaign, based around Our Collective holistic operating principles that integrates Art, Business and Charity (ABC) for true sustainable Productivity, Profitability and Philanthropy to allow humanity to survive and evolve to higher advanced forms that can ultimately explore the outer stars and inner spirits.

Introduction to OHOW Educational Project Humanity for Peace:

OHOW Humanity for Peace Conference:


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