Introduces Revolutionary Cosmeceutical ‘ANACELL’ in a Hair Loss Market Booming with Opportunities

September 14 06:07 2023

Everyone is living in an era where more than 10 million people suffer from hair loss. No longer limited by gender or age, hair loss has become a significant source of psychological stress and a growing concern for people worldwide. A recent TV show on MBN named ‘MONAEGI CLUB’ featured celebrities openly discussing their hair loss struggles, further amplifying the attention on this issue.

A recent survey by MBrain involving 1,000 adults showed that 30% had experienced hair loss. The age group affected spans from 20s to 50s, suggesting that hair loss transcends age and gender. Furthermore, 44% of respondents expressed a high interest in hair loss prevention. According to Grand View Research, the global hair loss treatment market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8%, reaching a scale of approximately 19 trillion won by 2028.

While well-established pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are investing in new drug development for hair loss treatment, they are still in the early stages due to short research periods, lack of funding, and insufficient research personnel. Amid this landscape, a lesser-known venture company is gaining attention: D.NATURE Inc., the manufacturer of a functional anti-hair loss cosmetic brand, ‘ANACELL.’

Founded in 2016 by researchers from prestigious pharmaceutical companies, D.NATURE Inc. aims to “contribute to the quality of life through inflammation control research.” The company has achieved various milestones, including technology development, patent filings, clinical trials, and obtaining functional cosmetic permits. Their product ‘ANACELL’ has been approved by the National Korean Food and Drug Administration for its safety and effectiveness and is gaining popularity for its accessibility as a cosmeceutical product.

According to Hong Chang-ik, the CEO of D.NATURE Inc., “Our company is implementing an integrated development strategy that applies accumulated preliminary research results to functional cosmetics, medicines, and health functional foods, starting with our brand-new ‘ANACELL’ in the current hair loss market. Our collaboration with the global company L’OREAL is also a part of this integrated development strategy. 2023/2024 will leap forward as D.NATURE Inc. secures its own CMX production facilities and actively engages in domestic and international marketing and exports. We hope that the unique features of ‘ANACELL’ will offer a new solution for many people suffering from hair loss, and we aim to contribute to enhancing the quality of human life as a game-changer in the healthcare sector globally.”

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