Mauricio Rosero highlights the importance of the combination of music and social media for success in the music industry

March 31 03:57 2023

Musician Mauricio Rosero states that the union of music with the intelligent use of social media results in perfect harmony.

It is well-known that including digital media in other sectors, such as fashion, beauty, or music, has impacted the new trends in each industry. Nowadays, music and social media have a symbiotic relationship, which has even led to changes in album production and marketing strategies to adapt to constant changes.

Any artist can create music without traditional media, unlike when music is on materials with an expiration date; new technological media have facilitated music distribution on social networks or music streaming platforms. Moreover, it is a fact that through social media without needing approval from an intermediary.

The relationship between these technological trends and the music industry also allows musicians to learn about public opinions and their preferences and build relationships with them. There is even the possibility of opting for collective financing techniques to facilitate the publication of musical projects.

However, these benefits of the digital market also imply that to deal with the challenges presented by these technological tools.

The era of change and modernism surrounding musicians is a sign that it is essential to be digital nomads to take advantage of this technological evolution and the reach of social networks to enhance the success of a project or musical career.

Mauricio Rosero bets on technology as a driving force Colombian Mauricio Rosero, CEO of M2 Studios, started his career as a singer and quickly became an influencer due to the intelligent use of technological media to boost his musical career.

Thanks to his experience as a musician, Rosero explains that it is vital today for every artist to work in various areas such as Copyright Protection, Digital Distribution, Public Relations, Marketing, Production, Editorial, Publishing, and Digital Marketing.

Mauricio Rosero points out that knowing how to manage these technological media correctly also results in an economic ally, as now artists themselves can manage their benefits, maintain their copyright, and find a way to finance their projects thanks to crowdfunding. Therefore, he advises continuing to learn about this digital era and the benefits it provides.

“Whoever only does what they already know how to do will always stay where they are. If you want to keep improving and achieving more success, you must be willing to explore new horizons. Never settle for what you have already achieved, but always strive to learn things unknown to you. It is necessary to keep learning,” emphasizes Mauricio Rosero.

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