The Benefits of Various Metal Roofing Types According to

March 31 01:57 2023
The Benefits of Various Metal Roofing Types According to

Over the past two decades, metal roofing has become one of The Most Common Roof Materials for Houses. Until then, asphalt composite shingles were the preferred covering for most homes while luxury estates opted for clay tiles and slate shingles. Although these three styles of roofing material can last around thirty years, metal roofing can last over fifty, which is a lifetime investment for a homeowner. Roofing companies found that people were willing to pay more for the installation of this style, knowing that they would most likely never have to deal with re-roofing their homes in the future.

Always Trust the Experts With a Roofing Installation 

Metal roofing takes just as much expertise to install as asphalt shingles. To ensure a new roof is securely fastened and properly sealed, homeowners should hire a team of well-trained, licensed, bonded, and insured roofers. Companies like Roofing Solutions, which have almost twenty years of experience in the industry, pride themselves in their craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. These companies take the extra time to train their teams in the latest advancements in metal roofing and installation techniques to ensure customers receive a top-notch finished product.

Metal Roofing for Any Home 

Most homes opt for a standard seam steel roof because it is the most affordable, comes in several colors, and requires little maintenance. This style can expand and contract freely under varying temperatures, which makes it an ideal choice for the heat and humidity of the Southern states. The galvanized steel contains a layer of zinc to stave off corrosion and its smooth surface prevents water from pooling where varying angles meet.

A Protective Covering From the Abrasive Sea Air 

Homes and businesses located along or close to the coastline should consider aluminum roofing due to its high resistance to salt corrosion. Although this metal is more expensive than steel, the durability pays for itself over time, according to Aluminum roofing is also available in styles other than long sheeting, giving homeowners the option of a more traditional roofing look. The material is offered in several natural colors and comes in the shape of slate and cedar shingles, Mediterranean tile, or a design similar to asphalt shingles. Once mounted, it can be hard to discern that the covering is not ceramic, wood, or asphalt until the viewer is close.

Roofing Material That Exudes Distinction 

Copper roofing is the third metal option but typically isn’t found on residential structures due to its cost. Homeowners with a more luxurious home, who can afford this metal, are drawn to the coverage because of its attractive color. The metal is also the longest-lasting of all the roofing options and, as a bonus, will gradually turn a blue-green color over time. Of course, the copper color can be restored if desired but involves a specialized process. Homeowners considering the installation of copper may want to research the helpful resources online that cover the roofing material to ensure that it is the best choice for them.

Get the Most Out of a Roofing Investment 

The best way for homeowners to extend the life of a metal roof and get the full benefits from their investment is to schedule routine maintenance. The service sends a roofing specialist out once or twice a year to inspect the covering and essentially give it a tune-up. During a maintenance visit, a specialist will walk the roof looking for any signs of distress, clear all accumulated debris from the surface, apply a new sealant to any spot that appears dried out or cracked and ensure all flashing is held and sealed securely in place. These procedures help identify any signs of damage caused by the elements or areas where the covering and sealants need refreshing.


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