Borrowers and Lenders Discover a Reputable Financial Conduit with FundKo

October 11 02:20 2018

Mandaluyong, Philippines – As the world becomes ever more interconnected, as does the financial system. Borrowers and lenders are no longer confined by the parameters of a localized system. In fact, many lenders are branching out to the internet, through online companies such as FundKo.

FundKo is a peer to peer lending company in the Philippines. This crowd funding platform utilizes its online portal to connect verified lenders to reputable borrowers. Due to the expediency of the online process, customers receive a more efficient service in comparison to traditional banking methods. As a subsidiary of Guevent Investments Development Corporation (GIDC), this SEC registered company employs extensive security measures to ensure a safe and efficient monetary process.

In comparison to traditional banking methods, FundKo provides competitive cost advantages for buyers and lenders alike. This is due to the fact that their monetary transactions occur entirely online. They directly match reputable borrowers to verified lenders. This direct connection cuts out multiple middle men and ensures that all related parties receive a satisfactory financial result. Borrowers are able to receive funds with reasonable rates, and lenders can safely gain attractive returns on their investment.

FundKo establishes itself as reputable through multiple security methods. There are those who will state that a business conducted via an online portal is an unsafe investment. Yet, FundKo uses myriad safety measures to ensure that all transactions are handled professionally and legally.  They hold accreditations from Verisign® and Security Audit Systems. They also ensure that their borrowers are verifiable through their effective borrower validation process. This process includes a comprehensive background check, a subsequent credit investigation, and a detailed collection of relevant documents. It is only when the borrower finishes this process – and is proven legitimate – that the loan is granted. Thus, the lender can be assured that their investment is sound.

FundKo also imposes safety stipulations on the lenders as well. Investors are encouraged to diversify their investment through capped guidelines. No customer may invest 100% of their money on a single loan: in fact, the largest sum of money they may invest is 10% of a loan. This guideline ensures that lenders never suffer a catastrophic loss. Should the unthinkable happen, and a borrower defaults on their loan, FundKo has security measures set in place to ensure that the lender recovers their investment.

After employing foreclosure methods and legal measures, the company will do everything in its power to recover the lender’s money. This emphasis on safe peer to peer lending is what solidifies their business as the leading peer to peer lending company in the Philippines.

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