Girl’s Power Crashes the Rules! Street Brand Rocks the NYFW!

February 12 14:36 2018

Seven Crash Runway
Holding in Mercedes Benz Manhattan, Seven Crash presents 18 F/W collection during NYFW

When people think about design of female, things come to their mind are usually lace, tassels and rosette. However, Enchi Shen and her Seven Crash rock the New York Fashion Week in 2018 February with the sporty, sharp, and eye-catching new collection.

Hosting in Mercedes-Benz flagship store, Seven Crash lovers are surrounded by fantastic French windows. You can image how bright and elegant the show will be, right? On top of that, extra lightings were added onto the top of the huge location, which made it even more splendid. Here you can also find the best audio system which can rock the rooftop, and surround by the world’s best moving luxury – Mercedes-Benz.

Girl’s Power

If you only look at the design, you will never believe it’s a girl’s design. Stuffed with powerful polyester, glare leather, plastic inset and rivet, Seven Crash’s Enchi Shen brought a NASA space workstation on to the stage of 2018 FW New York Fashion Week. Lots of people are asking, how can a girl has such a man-kid power and imagination to put the whole galaxy into her design? Here we will tell you, this is the power of a girl!

‘Design, and street-style design never has a bound,’ said Enchi Shen, ‘Seven Crash is the one who pushed the boundary of sex.’ As a very independent girl and rules-breaker herself, Enchi is cool in all her friends’ mind. ‘I am independent, so I love to make friends with independence people; they make me conformable.’ During her school time, she was the member of Jazz Drum group; playing crazy music offered her a lot more inspiration in design in return. ‘I life is like what Seven Crash want to show to everyone, crash of rules. There is never gonna be any rules out there that can block my imagination and design.’ And that’s the Girl’s Power!

Please download the photos of new collection with following link:

From Architecture to Clothing

Something special about Enchi Shen is she got her inspiration from the Architecture every time. Looking for real life art, she thinks architecture gives her the most motivation of making new design.

‘I love the layers and layers of great buildings; their complexity gave me so much thinking and I can’t stop adding interesting layer into my own design.’ And this time, Enchi introduced not only the layers of architecture, but also the stereoscopic tailing and Punk elements.

Seven Crash’s 2018 FW season has two series; Enchi calls them Black and White. While white series is closer to what space workstation clothes looks like, black series just catches everyone’s attention! With comprehensive hand-made doodle texture, the most popular rivet attached design, and the coolest space goggles, the black series won a huge applause when Enchi was coming out and the end. Even Miss USA Mame Adjei wants to buy one of her design! 

Celebrity’s favorite

Seven Crash never lack celebrity’s favors. Besides Nicholas Tse, Hebe Tien, Jolin Tsai, Wilber Pan, Lei Wu, Stefanie Sun and Jiong, today, it gains the lover of Mame Adjei!

‘I really love her design,’ said Mame Adjei, the American top model and well as Miss USA Top 5 in 2015. ‘I want to visit their store if they open on in NYC’. We can image more celebrities and super models from NYC wear Seven Crash after this show now.

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