The First Boao Fashion Art Week in 2018 Russia’s Fashion Industry Signs Agreement with Qionghai to Establish Boao Fashion Base

February 07 19:04 2018

The First Boao Fashion Art Week in 2018, which lasted five days, ended perfectly on February 5 in Boao Qionghai Hainan. This Boao Fashion Art Week is leading China’s fashion forward, extracting the essence of international fashion, realizing the perfect combination of Chinese and Western fashion culture, and creating a perfect visual feast of Boao fashion. As a special town in China, Boao has been praised as an international fashion town by the domestic and foreign media for its multi-international fashion culture.

At the closing ceremony, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce signed an agreement with the government of the city of Qionghai in the presence of numerous media. The co-establishment of the Boao Fashion Base means that Boao will change the serious image of the Political and Economic Forum; begin to connect with the fashion trend and become more artistic and fashionable. The Boao Fashion Art Week is hosted by Hainan Coconut Music and Culture Development Co., Ltd. and sponsored by Qionghai Tourism Development Commission and Hong Kong Coconut International Arts and Culture Media Co., Ltd.

20 Fashion Brands from 10 Countries Land at BOAO. About 1, 000 Chinese and Foreign Media Focus on Boao Hainan

The Boao Fashion Art Week has 11 shows, with 20 trendy fashion designers from 10 countries and 20 brands of clothes on display, the FEILIN that attracted the journalists from the world absolutely, presented a fashion and art feast, and together set off an international fashion storm. Well-known brands for the show include SLAVA ZAITSEV、Alexander King Chen、JL&TT And so on. And for the first time, the Asian supermodel corps are chosen for all the international brands in Fashion Week to display the image of Chinese fashion with the international standard.

At the same time, in addition to the show, the current Boao Fashion Art Week also held four international fashion forums, including Fashion V. S Music Art Pioneer Dialogue, the intense collision between Chinese and Western fashion frontier elements will promote the blending of Chinese and Western fashion culture.

During the event, the domestic and foreign media reported the activities of Fashion Week every day through direct broadcast and interviews, attracting a large number of fans and traffic attention. Thousands of foreign media including the famous American media FOX competed to report the fashion week, with a total flow of 100 million, covering a wide range. More than 300 articles have been published in the domestic news and fashion media. Among them, the IQIYI platform fashion week exposure exceeded one million.

China and Russia build Boao Fashion Industry Base, International Fashion Town

This Fashion Week is the exchange and collision of Chinese and Western fashion culture in Boao. The fusion of Chinese traditional design elements and classical foreign design elements can be seen on the stage of Boao. And at the same time, it shows the charming Boao fashion potential and gene. Hong Feng, a vice mayor of Qionghai Municipal People’s Government, said at the closing ceremony that the event was truly based on an international perspective, open and inclusive. Hundreds of fashionistas took part in the event and took on the responsibility of promoting Hainan Local Culture, the mission of promoting international cultural exchange and sharing. It has laid the foundation for forging a new image of Boao International, Art and Fashion, further enhancing the international fashion image of Boao and Qionghai and their international influence.

The Director of the Tourism Development Commission of Qionghai City, Wu Enze, said: Boao Fashion Art Week means to bring new fashion industry elements for Boao. Through this event, BoAo will add fashion, innovation new breakthrough, being based on the image in the past. The city government and the Moscow Chamber of Commerce signed the Letter of Intent for the Establishment of the Boao Fashion Base. We will actively expand the effect and influence of Boao Fashion Week, attract more high-quality fashion resources from home and abroad to gather Boao, and make Boao a unique fashion platform. It is reported that the Boao fashio base after the landing, we will actively introduce more Russian and other Western fashion brands. The establishment of Showroom (brand studio) and brand entity stores in the small town of Boao will be built with the integration of tourism development And it will help the tourism economy of Qionghai continue to heat up.

The Fashion Art Week event also focuses on the integration of the event with the fashion industry, and not just on the event itself, while expanding Boaos influence in the international fashion world, Boao has also been actively engaged in dialogue with the fashion industry to raise its fashion image and reach a consensus with the Russian fashion elite in the Special Show in Russia day. We signed a letter of intent to build a fashion industry base in Boao and the fashion industry in Boao took root. Fashion and tourism more closely. combined. The new vitality to the tourism industry in Qionghai will be added.

The famous designers attended the week. Widely acclaim of fashion taste from domestic and foreign citizens

Boao Fashion Art Week attracts lots of fashionistas at home and abroad to watch the scene. Wonderful model shows and the masterpieces of various national brands capture the hearts of the audience and evoke a warm response in the fashion world. As a fashion enthusiast, Zhang Na, a citizen of Sanya, told reporters, ‘ This is the first show I’ve really seen and I’m happy to have the opportunity to watch and learn from it in a very real sense. The designer of this show brought many excellent design works. Supermodels also embodied the designs incisively. The designs have very strong feeling, matching and reflecting the internationalization of Boao. Hope more and more brands come to Hainan. ‘

International supermodels participating in the fashion show said they were deeply atacted by the beautiful natural scenery when they first came to Qionghai, and they made a special trip to Qionghai during their leisure time. This is the paradise of leisure vacation. The slow life makes the life here more comfortable. The people here are very friendly, always very enthusiastic to help us. The feeling of a show on Boao’s side is like the intermational fashion week in France, full of joy. In addition, supermodels have said that the designers original clothes are unique and artistic, integrating the elements of environmental protection, avant-garde, fashion and peace. Every piece of clothing is made in the factory and reflects the design naturally and wonderfully, making people fall in love with it at the first look.

A nine-year-old boy from Russia, Min Soon, is also a small model. He told reporters that this is his 6th fashion week, he thought this fashion week is very elegant and exquisite and the clothing display is very fashion avant-garde. That accord with his esthetics. Models wear clothes that are completely different from those in the mall. The design and fabric is much more imposing and. comfortable. He really likes Qionghai, Mi Soon told reportersthat he lost his way while living in a hotel, looking for a children’s park and asked the people around him. They all smiled and showed him the way. He felt that the people of Qionghai were very warm and honest. This International Fashion Week, Mi Soon as the guest came to the scene, he felt very happy.

Han Chunxiao, Hainan Jinrui Import and Export Trading Co, a sponsor of the Fashion Week, said: Hainan has a lot of potential in international fashion. Fashion needs to slow down, and red wine can make people slow down and enjoy the leisure time.

With the Boao Fashion Art Week, Qionghai will seize the opportunities, facing to Hainan, China, the world and the future, and starting from the Boao International Fashion Week, gradually make the business card of World Fashion Boao.

After the closing ceremony, also the important link of Boao Fashion Art Week, the theme of the music festival named Release’ performed here. 4 groups of international musicians and the new sharp Chinese electronic musicians launched a night of revelry feast! With the music collocating the fashion, this fashion week left a memorable moment.

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